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We have gained a stellar reputation throughout the telecommunications industry for providing superior, direct customer service and support. Our specialists go to great lengths to deliver the services or custom specifications you seek.


Chameleon Headsets total adaptability products empower customers to improve the quality and performance of one component without having to replace both, and provide a better product and warranty while doing so. Other manufacturers within the headset industry haven't offered interoperability; Chameleon Headsets operate with virtually every multi-purpose amplifier in the industry and our amplifiers interface with most every major brand call center headset.


Chameleon Headsets and Odyssey Amplifiersā„¢ are engineered to withstand the rigors of 24/7/365 use and/or abuse. The patent pending Rapid Releaseā„¢ connector is tested and guaranteed for over 200,000 connections and holds the #1 rating in the industry. Chameleon products outperform and outlast any commercial grade call center telephony products in their class.


Chameleon Headsets are designed for optimum performance with virtually ALL major call center telephony products. To date, no other call center headset or amplifier product line offers the warranty, additional features, and vast interoperability to virtually every hands-free call center communication product. Our two-year, No Questions Asked warranty on headsets and a three-year, No Questions Asked warranty on amplifiers covering abuse or accidents is unmatched, as well.

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