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Chameleon Headsets

Chameleon Headsets are engineered for maximum comfort, durability, and unsurpassed sound clarity with custom Voice Trap™ noise cancelling technology, making them the ideal headsets for call centres, busy organizations and high-traffic office areas.

Available in several styles, Chameleon Headsets are designed for optimum performance with virtually ALL major call centre telephony products, seamlessly adapting to virtually any manufacturer's corded and cordless modular headset amplifier, business telephone system equipped with a headset jack, as well as cordless and mobile telephone and computer sound cards.

All Chameleon Headsets are backed by a 2 Year Unconditional Warranty, and all Chameleon Amplifiers are backed by a 3 Year Unconditional Warranty.

No other call centre headsets offer the warranty, additional features, and interoperability to virtually every call center communications product.
For an economical headset that does not compromise quality for price, Chameleon Headsets are the choice of call centres and offices alike!