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3004 Odyssey IV Chameleon Dial Pad

3004 Odyssey IV Chameleon Dial Pad

Chameleon Headsets

  • $9040

The 3004 Odyssey IV Dial Pade is the latest in a long line of innovative and feature-rich industry grade call center and telemarketing products. The Chameleon Headset 3004 Odyssey IV is quickly proving to be the headset phone of choice for todays expanding telemarketing industry. Ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, and home users alike! An exceptional bargain and value.

Features the following specifications:

  • Universal compatibility with ALL single-line analog ports via PBX, Centrex systems, modem with auto dialing software or POTS 
    line. Ideal for Predictive Dialer applications.
  • Industry exclusive customer adjustable microphone transmit sensitivity control that is very ideal in high noise, high volume call centers where ambient room noise can cause call through-put statistics to be lower than acceptable standards.
  • Incoming digital volume control and mute switch function.
  • Line powered, requires no external power source.

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